Internal Prisoners (or, the all​-​encompasing urge to breach the center of everything​)​: A Journey of Collective Self​-​Rediscovery in Six Parts

by Weapon YZ

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Written and recorded over the course of 2015 on breaking and broken equipment.


released December 1, 2015



Track Name: Karma
At one time I thought I was perfect
At one time I thought it was worth it
Oh my God
What have I done to deserve this?

Static states, manic phases fading back in black and white and grey but never color. I am just a number. Don't count on me. I'm less than you would even think still more than you would hope to be. At one time I thought I was a poltergeist reading signs of the vapor trails that form my lines in essence that I left behind.

Ruined my life. Maimed myself but we all die. Hollowed out on the inside. Tried to ask for some advice, stopped and said, "Well never mind the guy who's too aware to be alive." I have already decided to write off your reply and sink beneath the surface where every answer lies. I guess I'll just dissolve to the solution that's inside and fill up all the empty spaces mirroring my mind always stressing these obsessions of the things I can't describe.
Track Name: There's A War Inside Us And It's All Spilling Out
You've fallen short on this course of events. You've missed the rent on your significance. We are ideas, we're the water in your tears, we're the worst of your fears. Minus and plus = meaning in sums spitting 0's and 1's like a digital ying yang. Point to combust. There's a war inside us and it's all spilling out like evisceral big bang.

Alarming times for the freaks you hated gaining wants and needs.
In your sleep, you dream of your declining popularity.

My new first name is corrosive and I hope my change just eats away at your rotten brain, stays, and rips you open.

You never think. I can tell when you speak. What you write on the feed is a joke. It's embarrassing. Leaving my quips on your proto-brainchips for the right to exist. It's not a need but I hate to agree and I really don't think your opinion has validity. You're on the run so we're gonna have some fun. You're married to your old guns.

You know the right people but you don't know what is next.
Sick of walking on your eggshells, I've got you by your chicken necks.
Track Name: You Are What You Eat
You tried to buy more time out of body and mind, you're sick of burning out.

These acid tricks feel like placebos
These acid trips ... where did we go?

Working just to pass the time
Drinking just to pass the time
Smoking, smoking, you need another smoke
Bright lights all so far away
I think that's never gonna change
Consume to clean another plate
Avoiding death another day

You're so deadly I remember threatened by your lethal stingers
Raise my hands like I surrender showing you ten middle fingers
And you'll feast on what is left, but I'm still my own damn chef
You'll feast on what is left, that's just an open mouth
Track Name: The Surface
Destroy your leaders to lead yourself
Destroy your apathy to be complete

You're not a person, just an idea
You're not this surface, you're a voice inside my head
I don't see faces, I just see machines
You are a construct not attached to anything

You're not zero, not infinity
Those are concepts you are something in between
You are a liquid, you are a gas like state
You're a ghost so don't be afraid of anything.

All that I want you don't know, it's to break through the surface. It's a need to know I'm not nothing at all. I rise again, but still fall again.

You're not your leaders, not your apathy.
You are a whole person. You are complete.
Track Name: Vow of Silence
That wasn't what I said. You're taking me out of context.
That wasn't what I meant. Are you dense? That doesn't make any sense.

You want to talk about it?

You want to fight about it, but you can't write about it, got no insight about the one upping double blind worship of this vacuum of this data overload. You should take a vow of silence while you figure out what I meant.

WHAT DID YOU SAY? Are you so dense?
WHAT YOU JUST SAID makes no sense.
Track Name: We Are All XXXXXXXXX
Time is like the tide, it's what your mind is made of.
Sinking, going down, you'll drown if you don't row now.
Swimming in your flesh you sail a meat/bones ship.
Capsizing inside, the waves will pull you under.

We will all be killed, it won't stop until we are all XXXXXXXXX

Picking at your mind when all you want to do is sleep
Living other lives inside vicariously
Collapse so inclined to leave this body behind
Shaken to the spine you vibe a little higher

And when everything went wrong
That's when I knew I didn't belong
And when everything went black
That's when I knew not to look back
Now we're everywhere
We're on TV
In microphones and in magazines.
We're the media and we're what you read.
We worship the almighty screen.

And you are no better
Did you think you'd live forever?