The All Consuming Self

by Weapon Y/Z

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An expose of the past century of capitalism and consumerism inspired in America by our father E.B.


released August 7, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Shopping Mall Battle Royal
Go and buy shit! Go and get rich! Go and get pissed! Go! just listen to us! The sun appears again each day to remind you that it's hopeless. The monarch spreads his painted wings, an effort to control us. Blackness spreads across the sky beyond which there is nothing. Humans marching in the dirge believe that there's still something.-And so you Drive drive drive in your car car car you're going to fuck fuck fuck yeah you'll go far (in your fucking car) the womb of the road is your current direction so steer the steel like a raging erection. Breed the sunset and it's growing like a Hollywood hero with fuel exploding. No matter how long you drive the feeling never subsides. The longer you need to drive the feeling never subsides.- Audibly the concrete falls. Collapsing onto all your wrongs but even though you complain sleeping in caused all the harm. You have to do what you don't want to do. In your dreams you sleep so well. In the cover of night you dissapear. You have no fears, wants or desires. When you are awake you feel so restless. Walking in circles but the pain exists. They want you to expend your energy while all you want is to rest easy. What they want is for you to want what they want you to want. What they want is what they want. Wake up!
Track Name: They Keep A Grid
They came saw and conquered and pushed us into boxes. Prisoners of the pragmatic feeding them with demographics. Watched behind the silver screen. Who is the Mystery Man with the guiding hand/masterplan? He keeps a grid. They all keep a grid! And when they count us yeah we will go for broke/know the ropes because they don't know us/can't own us. We will fight back against the grid that they keep.
Track Name: Distract Yourself
It kills me with apathy the filth on TV and to read your social updates gives me the worst kind of migraine. The news is all so useless and the gossip is just toxic and still you place your faith in fate and the value of brand names. It kills me with apathy but who am I to care? Yeah we all waste our time ignoring the void at the core of life. I kill my time with video games, that's right. Killing innocent human beings in an unreal tournament with no meaning. 20 minute rounds into overtime, and i die. Keep strafe jumping and don't get fragged and make damn sure to protect the flag. Yet I can't deny that I'm just wasting time. But what else is there to do? (an objective standard for meaning? ha!) Sometimes you just need to unwind, let the world loose and fall behind. They fill us and keep us entertained with bread and circuses. Distractions to keep you tame while they exploit the system for their gain. (you now distract yourself. we all distract ourselves)
Track Name: Untitled
Cut through the clutter to sell you another. It's part of the world now so why even bother. They've thought this out like you won't believe. They're turning all your wants to needs. Subliminal marketing right in your face and we're all deceived. I don't buy their shit, you don't buy their shit and still they find a way into your mind.
Track Name: Spineless
I am the boy with ash on his face. I've seen the world and it's a disgrace. It's a flaming pit of sin that burns your lungs when you breathe in. It's a black tar for cosmetic flatter clinging to your heart like antimatter. Primordial ooze that will spawn our race bursting carbon dust back into my face. And as I give in to the primal urge we respond to inherent mating calls. Our DNA screams for constant fucking as our egos sink into prehistoric pits. And as I give myself to the primal we prepare the eggs of 100 damned invertebrates. Futile motions of virgin fertility in a stunted branch of the universe tree. Feeders injecting into my skin, fooling me once but no not again. In the morning when we came to we couldn't put to words what we tried to do. We lingered on though it felt so wrong. Grasped the moment but now it's gone. In this flaming pit of sin that spits you out while it draws back you in to hate the children you birth by fate. From the origin goo crawl spineless invertebrates.
Track Name: Dirge for the Modern Man
[Set the stage with contempt. Your hopes for freedom came and went. In a world where technology's reached a point where we can know the truth. The one's in power still hold a death grip on the once obligatory throne of rule. We don't need them but we don't know just what else there is to do/how to live under our own rule.] Everything is gone but you can't see. Everything's gone wrong but it's not me. Despite your hopes you lost control of the burning taste of alcohol. And your eyes they shine like a black sun begging me for rest but you're not done. Slave away in the fields today and you will reap your humble pay. Everyday you slave away so we can reap your worth in grain. To have enough is just the start. Accept our 'wants' into your heart. Your march is the dirge for the modern man.
Track Name: The Future of the Self
(there's no such things as bad publicity) And when the time has come I will be the last one standing. And when the dust has cleared I'll still be the last one standing. If it comes down to you or me my solipsism won't let me look back. I indulge myself in the forces that be, honing my WEAPONS for the next attack. So i set my sights on the future. All we ever wanted was something to look forward to. Crawl unblinking from that parable cave riding on the waves of another high. Don't stare at the sun as you emerge from the chrysalis just spread your wings cause you're going to die. It's the mating cycle that's the prime of life and the thrill of danger means momentum tonight. There's no tact in a sneak attack but that doesn't stop anyone WATCH YOUR BACK. So i set my sights on the future of the self. All we ever wanted was something in the future. From zygotes our populace was always headed for a trivial pursuit. With hands reaching forward we will pull through this hedonistic calculus that we compute. With the eye turned inside we will consume.