Vol. 1 - the Blueprints

by Weapon Y/Z

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released September 28, 2013



Track Name: XXXXXXXXX is not real
He is everywhere and he's on TV
He's in microphones and in magazines
He lives in every photograph
He is the eyes staring back in infrared
He is the concept hidden in the image
And he doesn't even know his own name

He is everywhere. He's everything.
He's the media. He's what you need.
He sits in every hallway portrait
With the eye holes hollowed out as camera lenses
He adjusts to the optimal exposure
Now he is gonna steal your soul

Cling to life like a huddled mass
While XXXXXXXXX pours another glass
The sex IKONS that line your wall
All hang on your illustrious fall

Worst of all you can't escape
The wounds that you exacerbate
Worst of all you're tied to your fate
You didn't know it was a fake till it was much too late
Track Name: Errorosion
When carbonite rains from the black static setting sun
We will rise up like a perfect weapon
All the things you see
Are the waste be built through society
When crawling from the sewers is a mutant spewing clutter
We will rise up like a perfect weapon
Anything you read
Is an attack on your lack of self respect

There's way too many people for us all to get our 15 minutes
In order to be the center of attention
It's survival of the fucking fittest

You want to be an anomaly
You lost your anonymity
Track Name: Weapon YZ
Now it's true that I'm coming for you
There is nothing that you can do
Except to wait for a sneak attack
I warned you, Watch your back
I've got two weapons that I'm dying to use
Stay up on the game or you're going to lose
The only escape lies in the deaf
Else Y and Z will leave you dead


Welcome to another world
Where all we do just leads to hurt
Only thinking for ourselves
Never ones to hand out help

The wasteland in the desert seemed to be
An act to control our past
The powers that be spread a deadly disease
But they inoculate the upper class

We only want what's best for you
Look me in the eyes and say that's not true
The constitution is a pile of shit
Get them on their knees to rewrite it

Don't drop the bomb, baby, no

There are so many problems that we need to get fixed
Until we gut them from the source we won't progress an inch