Vol. 2 - our father E​.​B.

by Weapon Y/Z

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track 5 by the blood brothers


released September 28, 2013



Track Name: Infecticide
Everyone's talking about a great recession when we're flashing out like fireflies. Everything is going to be just fine when the world burns up and dies. The money you make cannot escape the arbitrary human fate.
Track Name: Mythology
and we broke our backs for Mammon raising his fat ass to heaven. and we sold our souls to Satan under a veil of mass frustration. The eye of Horus burns a hole in the sky and he keeps a record of the things you buy. He sells his list to the devil's imps who operate a factory in Lucifer's sign. and we broke our backs for Mammon. and we sold our souls to Satan. We're waving our money in the salesman's name: XXXXXXXXX draws a crowd with his silver tongue. The audience joins in with his siren song. [We'll keep on buying while you're still selling, yeah] Act II begins in a postmodern fashion with a curtain drawn before the real action and you're no connoisseur if you call them out of their shadows on the wall of the cave of doubt. and we broke our backs for Mammon raising his fat ass to heaven. And we sold our souls to Satan under a veil of mass frustration. The eye of Horus hovers over the sea. Projects a hologram of debauchery. It's the new shit. Come get your fix from the devils scalping tickets on the river Styx. and we broke our backs for Mammon. Panicked in a time of famine. And we signed our rights to tyrants, waving their contracts like they fucking own us. [We are governed by men we have never seen. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate to function. We are dominated by the relatively small number of persons. They pull the wires which control the public mind. ~E.B. "Propaganda"] But we can't see the implications of our mythology. The world we see was recorded on the News by our father E.B. The eye of Horus fades away into the trees wrapped in the shadow of a mystery but when we pull away the curtain which conceals the characters were fake but the results were still real. And we broke our backs raising Mammon to heaven. Sold our souls at the throne of Satan. Our minds were made up by the fourth circle wolf so when Plutus rides the golden calf you better WATCH YOUR BACK.
Track Name: Ides of March
Everyone stood up because they knew the end had come. They were watching on their watches for the time to kill the sun. And now the night supernovas across all our hopes. And the party's getting started (turn it up) Prepare for the last war. (you can't escape it, you can't fake it, letís go) Everyone sat down because they knew the end was nigh. Ceasing all their violence they let out one last sigh. All the guns and bottles they had made were lying in the streets when a rumbling crushed everyone and released a sudden heat like death. Prepare for the last war. A great chasm opens before me and the devil breaks free from his chains. The three sinners become the new trinity as Satan boldly proclaims, "All are damned thus all shall burn. 1000 years of my reign returns." Then he screams and it turns into a laugh. He swirls back into Hades like a pile of ash. Brutus and Cassius set up a hellish court. They damn the drunkards and the liars of the Earth. Judas Iscariot returns as Johnny Appleseed. Forests of Babylon grow forbidden trees. You have to be wary of everyone you meet. God is here hiding in the homeless/hopeless on the street. Everyone stood up because they knew the end was over. They were rolling their heads back and forth forgetting they were sober. While the money piled high had burned so bright into the night the last green ashes scattered everywhere among the cries of fright, "SURELY IT'S ALL OVER!" all the sadness words can't prove. And yet everyone still frowned because they knew that it was true. Death had come for everyone and it was here to stay but who can blame us? We had a fire to throw.
Track Name: Planet X
Aliens from outer space, Aliens. They know our names. They come in spaceships to take up life forms. You think I'm crazy but one day you'll be proved wrong by the grey men with cold stares: Always watching us but you don't even know they're there. In the atmosphere they're watching you. They've already planned what they're going to do. With advanced minds alien kinds take what they find. In their spaceships, they're coming fast. They beam you up and then they probe your ass. You don't remember because they washed your brain so of course you think it's all insane. One day you will believe me but on that day, it'll be too late.