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(we spent our time looking for flashing green lights, working up the courage to go.)

RECORDED 7-18-13
MIXED 7 -19-13

Special thanks to Keller, for recording this monstrosity, and the man, for inspiring this opus.


released July 20, 2013



Track Name: CASTS
Casts re-break, wounds open easy
But I'm a creature of habit and I need it
So I'm on a walk to the guillotine, it's not my first time
I've got nine lives, well, had and risking number three
If I haven't lost count in the battles between
All the men who locked lisps and couldn't argue through their teeth
I'm no goddess, ha, I'm the devil incarnate
Call me obscene demographic criticize me cast away
And all of the technicalities wrap me up

There's nothing I'm trying to say
I just like to hear myself talk
Add to the chatter but it's not enough
I don't matter worth a fuck
And all of the technicalities wrap me up
Track Name: EGO
Pick me up, the baby is born
Pick a time and place to enter the world
Pick up the beat and clear the floor
We're here to fuck you up

Wrong time, wrong place, now the secret's out
We are the great are not expose, passe, your doubt
We are the anti and we're legion and we're straight out of hell
We're here to fuck you up

I can't rest, several/seven levels of possessed
I'm a mess, severed flesh wounds purge and dress
We're losing myself in the ego of me

A second consciousness consume into mind
Unholy consciousness I know that it's mine
I raze the name of the anti-Divine
We're losing myself in me

Now there's at least six personas that I am known by
And my friends would be mortified to meet the other five
Call me Damien possessed, the devil's inside
We're losing myself in me

And the devils are in our midst
Can you hear their stomachs swearing?
And the devils are in our midst
Can you hear their hunger howling?
We're losing myself in the ego of me
Parallel to road rage, even on foot these are my streets
Tolerating all you fucks, going hard like I play for keeps
Facade, building up the wall, you can't tear it down
Look around, we're all robots and we're reacting to the sound.
It gets distorted by the air polluted
Don't care bout that clean shit I just want to get it recorded
Go on record with: "I don't mean any of the shit I say."
That goes for anything

Live day to day like it's a curse to be alive
And we're all caught up on that fuck the world shit
It hits so hard, we're reacting just like

Violently shaking cause there's nothing to fuck up
Two colored roulette wheel and you're out of luck
Exposed on your lower half, back of his truck
You're fucked
Incoherently babbling cause there's nothing to talk about
Eyes darting for windows, you decided to walk about
Outside you tried to clear your mind but there was a grey man watching
He's always watching
Ready to put the beast to rest?
Fuck no man me neither
Lets put tonight to the test
Tap into that witching hour ether

After the show we phone the dude for weed
Get lost on the sketchest West Greenville street
Shots from the bottle barrel bullets combust
Subvert, hypersexulized, who can I trust?

Did you get it? Just don't try to think to hard.
Did you get it? Ear's ringing "PARTY!!!" all night long

After the show I can never sleep
Stay up all night watching shit TV
Try to picture my life on a movie screen
Manipulate frames to my favorite scenes

And when you try to quantify your struggles
You can't be expected to feel a thing
And when the time comes to rest long on your laurels
Your dedication arbitration exceeds

You're dreaming of feelings that don't exist
Anxiety strangles you wrapped up in this shit
Mummy masked perfume bandages clot
The sweat stained pavement of your libido lot
Knock Knock Knock - I'm beating on your door
Knock Knock Knock - Feel it shake the floor
Knock Knock Knock - I'm beating on your skull
Knock Knock Knock - Feel it in your bones

It's the last sanctum they cannot enter
Open the ark the curtain surrenders
Can't close this box or cure this pox
Infection spreading onto everyone
I can't close the box, can't lock the lock
Can't keep a secret once it's out
Acting the same expecting something to change
Picking away at a sane repetition
Wallow in pain, oh yeah, but you feel the same
You live in a wheel and you're craving attention

Acting the same but fuck you you've got it made
Swallow the Kool Aid of privileged pretension
Drink it with Beam, oh yeah now two make a team
Sugar and alcohol were not recommended

By your doctor, or your teacher, and not your priest, and not your senator or congressman

Acting the same expecting something to change
Consuming the things that make you conflicted
The moment is made but comedowns come all the same
Drink in the water, four times is the standard

And life is just a countdown to the burn
And life is just a countdown we call the curse

Trying to change but fuck you do it the same
Dress in your best and still try not to vomit
Allude to it vague in pen you express your vapid haze
But you cannot shake the vibration of countdowns
Track Name: RAGE
Where is my fame, are you even impressed?
Where in the hell are you coming from?
Where are you going, what's the big idea?
What in the fuck are you running from?

How does it feel to feel valued for something?
What the fuck is it all worth?
I'm sure as hell not getting paid for this
I guess I'm just doing something wrong
Condescending inquiry wielded by spiteful tongues

Awake and question why
You're fighting with Weapon Y
You don't have the answers, that's standard now
You'd fight back if you only knew how

Can't explain yourself, you don't know why
You don't care any more and it's starting to show
You'll avoid confrontation at any cost

This is how I'm thwarting Weapon Y

I'll spit back in your face
Have a taste, yeah have a taste
Your questions shoot the why's, I block them with a phrase
'just because' is not an answer it's two words that fill space
At work the technicalities
Lock diction's tome displaced
It's hard to face reality
Corporate anatomy race last place
Up the asshole with my falseness
Like a snake eating it's own spine
Feed cruel intentions, topple the ladder
Setting all we see on fire

At home you're writing music
Just to pass another day
Smoke the supply is endless
The pot is just a call away
Grab notebooks to write lyrics
But you lost the words you meant
Now you're empty, nothing to say
And you're exhausted from the trip

And space we thought was taken by the ones who did it wrong
And time we thought was wasted on the young
And we fought in all those battles just to see our selfish home
And we walked the endless path alone

Archangel bends the spine in fixed positions day to day
Follow every movement
Let them depend on what I say
And you know that I'm eccentric
Can't predict my makeshift skills
Wanted this to sound all Death Grips
It turned out more Ratchet Kills
I'm streaming consciousness like Netflix algorithmic hypnotism
Doing drugs so I can say I did
Craving the attention
Spreading syllables like bullet holes
They scatter when I blow my payload
Flaming dirty in your senses penetrating holes
I am a primal man like Adam and I've got the keys to Sodom
Got that rotten body coffin fodder threat
Yeah man no possum playing dead
This head is severed
Disconnected from the spine
We do it to you drive you mad with extensive stimuli
Do it to you till you die
stick a needle in your eye
With a fluid inside that slows down time
Did you get it?
Did you get it?
Did you get it?
Did you get your fix?