Vol. 0 - Useless Death Shells

by Weapon YZ

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a collection of early Weapon Y/Z demos, unused instrumentals and odd experiments circa 2010. There isn't a bonus track if you download this. I promise.


released July 31, 2012



Track Name: Escape the War
And when the time comes you won't feel the hurt. Reaching to spark an unseen dead war. You can't escape the war so you go.
Track Name: Golem V Sandman
Guardian of the town in the desert found a shifting, sifting threat under a wizard's spell. "Rise from your grave Sandman!" he chants. A twister picks up more than debris: A 20-foot tall sand entity. Golem is ready protecting the town in the deserts of Mars where evil is found. His stone form unbreakable, he has magjick of storms. He came on an asteroid from beyond the stars. The Sandman is formed with two giant fists. His commanding essence sealed inside a gem harder than diamonds much sharper than glass. The golem defends against a desperate attack... Pushed back far enough to open the gate of ALL. The sages stand in a five-point star, chanting in the wake. Go! Into the void! Sandman's affected but he's resisting. Golem's assault is still persisting. The Titans will buckle in the wake of the void. Nothing but each other in a hole of forever and all they ever knew was to kill and win.
Track Name: Useless Death Shells
We've got so much more technology than any other point in history. We won't be defeated so lets repeat it. We've got so much more technology that human skin became obsolete. You can taste it, Lets replace it. Humans mass - renewable resource. Cloning bodies to feed our minds. Protected at the heart of main where the Avatar Cannibals hold their reign. When the atomized cannabis hits your brain you go insane. When the morphine slips into your veins there's no other way. Your neurons are all we preserved in the fortress standing tall. The Heart of Main - a testament to the elite who could evolve.-Entire worlds shift as your heart stands still. Anticipation as you move in for the kill. Birds will fly. Worms will die. It goes by one name, "The Cycle of Life." We fill our stomachs with cold justice. We feed our hunger while another goes under. Cannibal success over enticing smells. Leftovers are useless death shells.
Track Name: Theives of the Ocean
The captain, he stands at the helm of our vessel free on the seas. "You can have anything you want if it's free for the taking. These monks won't put up a fight. Lindisfarne is shaking." Load the gold onto our boat and then we'll take it home. Load the gold onto our boat and then we'll slice your fucking throat! There's no remorse, but there are consequences. Our ship is going down, underneath the waves. Everyone will drown today. Our ship is going down, no one can reclaim this once-lost joy of the sea. No one can reclaim her name. Our ship is going down underneath the weight of everything that we claimed. Throw the gold from the boat.
Track Name: [tokko]
This is the last chance that you get. Go. Get up. It's time to move on. Don't fear the death-signs.
Track Name: Takeover (It's Over)
When I hit the ground I won't make a sound but I will drop a will of my testament. The colonies of ants and maggots come to feast. Devour the greatest. Devour the least. From our lives, marching on WE GO. All we ever knew was fate WE GO, MARCH. As I drop to Hell let them hear my rites. If my soul exists, give them my insights. The circle of life is an anagram of fate and it's staring you back in the face. We're gonna fight back, we're gonna fight back. Keep your frequency here.